WavePool Now Supports Avalanche Staking

We are excited to announce that WavePool Digital now supports Avalanche staking. At WavePool Digital our goal is to continue providing our clients with access to staking protocols with great technical and economic potential. 

Avalanche is one of the rapidly-growing proof-of-stake protocols with $1.3B in total value locked and an expanding set of decentralized applications. Avalanche is built on a robust and fast consensus mechanism. Its architecture supports configurable subnets and it supports Ethereum Virtual Machine. This allows for frictionless deployment of Solidity smart contracts onto its network.

WavePool Digital will join the ranks of professional Avalanche validators and will contribute to network security by running a validator node

Avalanche Consensus:

Built on a family of protocols called Snow, Avalanche traces its roots back to computer scientists  at Cornell University. The foundational elements of the protocol are outlined in a paper  “Scalable and Probabilistic Leaderless BFT Consensus through Metastability”.  

At its core Avalanche runs a leaderless BFT protocol. The nodes in the network use subsampling to reach a consensus. This is a notable departure from the traditional blockchain consensus mechanisms that rely on a randomly selected leader,  to build a block.  According to its creators, Avalanche offers speed and scalability without compromising on security.

Source: https://docs.avax.network/#avalanche-consensus-protocol

To learn more about Avalanche please visit their website.